quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2009


This is our newest project. It´s a sci-fi story of a private detective who lives in a world of aliens, he being the only human. He´s hired to find the whereabouts of a runaway bride who may be in trouble with the worst gang in town. Colors by Osmarco Valladão.

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Graeme Neil Reid disse...

That's looking sweet, great job! Have you finished working on this project now or is there more to do?

I checked out Osmarco's site too and he's a talented colourist. I love some of the other samples he's worked on, your Batman pages are excellent.

All the best!

BlogMano disse...

Hi, Graeme!

Thanks for the comments! Been a long time since we last talked! Hope all fine!
This is a project me and Osmarco have been working on for some time... great you like it! We´re trying to pitch it to some publishers... but you know, living far from Europe and USA is a great obstacle. But we won´t give up!